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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

18 more prayer books found

I was sad I couldn't even fill all the orders I'd received. I prayed to St. Nicholas and went through the garage storage and the rectory storage. Then in the church, in the vestry, I found some additional prayer books squirreled away.

So I now have 18 more prayer books to sell. My apologies for the drama. I'm accepting orders again, but with a limit of one book per order. Order info is below.

hieromonk Aidan
St. John Cassian Press

P.S. At the same moment, I found one old copy of the St. Nicholas Carol I'd so carefully put into English years ago (with a little expansion) from a Ukrainian version and couldn't find anywhere, not in printout, not on the computer. In gratitude to the saint, here is his carol (sorry, the Melody font I paid for does not appear to be on this computer, or I'd just .pdf it). 

Rhythm: (8) means eighth note; (4) means quarter note; (2) means half-note
D4 - G4 - F#2 - A8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1 - D2
D4 - G4 - F#2 - A8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1 - D2
A8 - A8 - B8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1
A8 - A8 - B8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1
D1 - B1 - A2G8 - F#1 - E1 - D2

The A2G8 really should be a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note. 

Carol for St. Nicholas
tr., ed. hieromonk Aidan (Keller)

Oh, who, who, who loves holy Nicholas?
Oh, who, who honors holy Nicholas?
Near him Nicholas will be,
Helping him in everything,
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Oh, who, who, dwelling in God’s mansions,
Helps us cross over lands and oceans?
He will keep us safe from sin,
Crafty thoughts, and wicked men.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Oh, who, who flee to him for safety,
Naming him Nicholas the saintly,
He will be protecting them
From starvation and from sin.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Shepherd, tend all the sheep of Jesus.
In hell’s chains never, never leave us!
Snatch us from the lion’s den,
Set us on the Lord’s right hand,
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Nicholas, name of mighty power,
Champion great and triumphant tower,
Safeguard all the Christians who
Come with songs to honor you.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Shield us from those who harm and hate us,
Don’t let tears drown or devastate us.
Christ was born in Bethlehem!
From the tomb He rose again!
Nicholas, Nicholas! 

(c) 2017 St. John Cassian Press


Anonymous said...

Christ is in our midst, Father!
My apologies, but I do not see the Order Info. Could you please direct me to it?

Fr. Aidan said...

Look down the blog page to the post about the Christmas sale. There you'll find ordering information. Just be sure to complete the payment by today, as I anticipate selling out today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father. I found it and sent an email to the email address listed.