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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"Orthodox Prayers of Old England" out of print

All copies have sold. The book is again out of print.

Crowdfunding was suggested to me as a way to finance a reprint of the book. Watch this space.

18 more prayer books found

I was sad I couldn't even fill all the orders I'd received. I prayed to St. Nicholas and went through the garage storage and the rectory storage. Then in the church, in the vestry, I found some additional prayer books squirreled away.

So I now have 18 more prayer books to sell. My apologies for the drama. I'm accepting orders again, but with a limit of one book per order. Order info is below.

hieromonk Aidan
St. John Cassian Press

P.S. At the same moment, I found one old copy of the St. Nicholas Carol I'd so carefully put into English years ago (with a little expansion) from a Ukrainian version and couldn't find anywhere, not in printout, not on the computer. In gratitude to the saint, here is his carol (sorry, the Melody font I paid for does not appear to be on this computer, or I'd just .pdf it). 

Rhythm: (8) means eighth note; (4) means quarter note; (2) means half-note
D4 - G4 - F#2 - A8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1 - D2
D4 - G4 - F#2 - A8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1 - D2
A8 - A8 - B8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1
A8 - A8 - B8 - A8 - G8 - F#8 - E1
D1 - B1 - A2G8 - F#1 - E1 - D2

The A2G8 really should be a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note. 

Carol for St. Nicholas
tr., ed. hieromonk Aidan (Keller)

Oh, who, who, who loves holy Nicholas?
Oh, who, who honors holy Nicholas?
Near him Nicholas will be,
Helping him in everything,
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Oh, who, who, dwelling in God’s mansions,
Helps us cross over lands and oceans?
He will keep us safe from sin,
Crafty thoughts, and wicked men.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Oh, who, who flee to him for safety,
Naming him Nicholas the saintly,
He will be protecting them
From starvation and from sin.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Shepherd, tend all the sheep of Jesus.
In hell’s chains never, never leave us!
Snatch us from the lion’s den,
Set us on the Lord’s right hand,
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Nicholas, name of mighty power,
Champion great and triumphant tower,
Safeguard all the Christians who
Come with songs to honor you.
Nicholas, Nicholas!

Shield us from those who harm and hate us,
Don’t let tears drown or devastate us.
Christ was born in Bethlehem!
From the tomb He rose again!
Nicholas, Nicholas! 

(c) 2017 St. John Cassian Press

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"Orthodox Prayers of Old England" Out of Print

On Dec. 26, 2017, the last copy of "Orthodox Prayers of Old England" sold. The book is now officially out of print but I understand that copies can be obtained from Amazon for $129.00, on eBay currently for $195.00, and from Eighth Day Books in Wichita, Kansas, for just over $100.00.

At this time, there is no foreseeable way to reprint this volume.

- hieromonk Aidan, St. John Cassian Press, 1701 Peridot Rd., Pflugerville, TX  78660-8139.

Friday, December 15, 2017

CHRISTMAS SALE!! Orthodox Prayers of Old England, 3rd Ed., $35

St. John Cassian Press is pleased to offer a sale on single or multiple copies of our best-selling volume, Orthodox Prayers of Old England, 3rd edition (1999).

 ---- $35 POSTPAID, Mint Condition ----

Regularly selling at Eighth Day Books in Wichita, Kansas, for $100 a copy, and currently selling on eBay for $195, this beautifully printed and bound hardcover book can be yours for $35 postpaid.

Used copies often sell on eBay for $300 or more.

To order your copy, send your email and/or cell phone number to the email at the bottom of this post. A PayPal payment request will be sent to you.

Ideal is a Facebook payment to "Aidan Keller." Very easy to set up, and no fees are assessed, so the Press keeps all of your payment.

Or send a check or money order for $35.00, payable to St. John Cassian Press, to:

     St. John Cassian Press
     1701 Peridot Rd.
     Pflugerville, TX  78660-8139

The sale price continues to Jan. 7, 2018. As of 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 21, there are thirty copies left. After they sell, the book will be out of print.Please do not order anything else when taking advantage of the Christmas sale.


The book consists of 440 6"x9" pages, Smythe-sewn, and is hardbound in imitation dark blue leather with gold stamping on the front and spine.


The prayers and liturgical services in this volume were blessed for use in Western Rite communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on Sept. 18, 2008.

- Basic Prayers

- Morning Prayers

- Evening Prayers

- Table Blessings

- Reverences in Church

- Preparation for Holy Communion

- Prayers before the Divine Office

- Vespers for Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thur., Fri.

- Compline (for reg. days, feasts, and services of Our Lady)

- Matins and Lauds for Sundays

- Terce / Third Hour

- Sun. Water Blessing, Sprinkling, and Procession with Bidding Prayers

- Divine Liturgy (Roman Rite Mass according to the Sarum Use) + Roman rite Bread Blessing

- Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

- Notes About the Mass (patristic origin of different prayers, spiritual
interpretation of the service)

- Sext / Sixth Hour

- None / Ninth Hour

- Presanctified Mass (for Lenten weekdays where the prescriptions of the 6th Ecumenical Council are observed in their entirety)

- Missa Sicca (Western Rite typika or обеднитца)

- Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, incl. Hierarchical Parts (the only non-Western Rite part of the book)

- Gaelic Litany of the Holy Virgin Mary

- Litany of the Saints with Final Collects

- Salutations Before the Holy Cross

- Prayers of Remembrance (memoriser or intercession)

- Seven Penitential Psalms

- Fifteen Gradual Psalms with their Collects

- Little Office of the Holy Virgin Mary (Vespers, Compline, Matins, Hours, etc.)

- Little Office of the Guardian Angel (Vespers, Compline, Matins, Hours,

- Priest's Visit to a Mother Newly Delivered

- Blessing of New Mothers (churching)

- Order of the Catechumenate / Holy Baptism / Chrismation / Tonsure

- Repentance (explanations)

- Guide to Confession (extremely complete examination of conscience)

- Order of Confession

- Betrothals (notes, banns, betrothals proper, nuptial mass, bed blessing)

- Service for Travellers

- Holy Unction (20 pages, all priest's prayers as well as the others' parts)

- Prayers for the Dying

- Vigils of the Dead (Vespers & Matins)

- Commendation of Souls (sung before every Requiem Mass)

- Requiem Mass

- Burial of the Dead

- Prayers for Various Occasions

      1. Prayers for Those in the Church
          Prayer of a Pastor
          Prayers for Pastors & Archpastors
          Prayer for the Faithful (2)
          Prayer for a Monastery
          Prayer for Unity
          Prayer for Catechumens

     2. Prayers for Family & Friends
          General Prayer
          For Those in Heresy / Schism
          For Those in Judaism
          For Those in Paganism
          Prayer for a Living Friend
          Prayer for God's Guidance
          Prayer for One Sick or Afflicted
          Prayers for the Sick
          Prayer for Taking Medicine
          Prayer for a Pregnant Woman

     3. Prayer for Benefactors

     4. Prayers for Prisoners

     5. For All Living & Dead

     6. For the Departed

     Prayers in Time of Trouble
          1. Against Evil Thoughts
          2. Against Temptations of the Flesh
          3. For Chastity
          4. Thunderstorms & Tornadoes
          5. Lightning
          6. Destroyers of the Church
          7. Deliverance from Pagans
          8. In Wartime
          9. For Peace & Reconciliation
          10. For the Holy Land
          11. Against Gossips
          12. In Afflictions

     Prayers for Travel

     Prayers for Good Death (of St. Melania, St. Hilary, many others)

     Prayers for Fasting Days (one is for fasting on a vigil)

     Prayers for Virtues and Blessings
          1. For the Kingdom of Heaven (describes heaven - beautiful)
          2. For True Love
          3. For Faith, Hope, and Charity
          4. For Chastity
          5. For Wisdom
          6. For True Peace
          7. For the Virtues
          8. For Spiritual Life
          9. For Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
          10. For Courage in Nightly Fears

     Prayers for Good Gifts
          1. For Rain
          2. For the Crops
          3. For God's Protection—the Breastplate Prayers

     Prayers for the Animals
          1. For Animal Friends
          2. For Sick Animals
          3. Against Infestation

     Service of Thanksgiving

     Prayers to the Holy Trinity

     Asking the Prayers of the Saints of God
          1. The Mother of God, the Theotokos (many)
          2. Holy Angels of the Lord (many)
          3. Patriarchs & Prophets (many)
          4. Holy Apostles (many)
          5. Holy Martyrs (many)
          6. Holy Confessors (many)
          7. Holy Women of the Lord (many)

      Prayers to the Lord with His Saints

     Prayer When One is Sick

     Prayer for Protection from Enemies

     Prayers of Repentance
          1. Of St. Jerome
          2. Short Prayer
          3. Of St. Martin
          4. Of St. Ephraim
          5. For Tears, by St. Isidore of Seville

     Prayer of Exorcism of Pope St. Leo III

     Order of Reading the Holy Scriptures (prayers before reading)

     Abbreviations for Books of Scripture

- Read the Whole Bible in a Year (schedule includes deuterocanonical

- Weekly Psalter Readings (150 psalms per week, includes the canticles)

- Clear comparison of Massoretic and Vulgate/Septuagint psalm numbering

- How to Make Singing Breads (prosphora recipe, prayers)

- Fasts and Feasts (explains the fullness of the old Western tradition, so near to the Byzantine)

- Little Calendar (gives a Saint or two for each day of year)

- Eight Tones (gives psalm tones in square-note musical notation of Gregorian chant)

- Exhaustive alphabetical indices

      ... and more.

Many items are provided with musical notation, such as the Our Father, Te Deum, Saturday Vespers, as well as the 8 Tones.

Originally printed by St. Hilarion Press in 1999, after that date the editor-in-chief transferred to the canonical Russian Church and was given all the St. Hilarion Press book stocks to continue the work. Plans are to present a full list of available books on this blog in the coming months.


Note: Multiple copies are each $35 postpaid. Volume discounts can be negotiated, but fall outside the scope of this Christmas sale.

Successful Conclusion of 2017 Western Rite Conference (ROCOR)

The 2017 Western Rite Conference of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia took place from October 9 to October 12.

Present at the Conference were His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, and His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah.

Celebrants at the Liturgies included Archpriest Mark Rowe of Florida and Priest David Kinghorn of Rhode Island.

Fr. David celebrates a Requiem Mass for our
departed W.R. clergy and faithful.

More photos may be viewed here:

The next Western Rite Conference for the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia will occur in the year 2019. Fr. Aidan (Keller) of Texas and Fr. Thomas Cook of England were unable to attend the 2017 Conference but will be at the 2019 Conference, Lord willing.