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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time to Reflect

Now that some of the dust has cleared from the recent restructuring of the Western Rite in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, one has the leisure to ponder.

All I wish to ponder on (in written form) today, is the situation in which our Western Rite communities find themselves today. Sufficient for the day is the trouble of the day, as our Saviour taught.

1. The Western Rite communities in our Russian Church, remain Western Rite and remain intact. So far, there are no specific changes for them to implement.

2. The Metropolitan issued an epistle to the Western Rite communities about their future and about their continuance as Western in rite. No one knows whether this epistle is the same as the epistle which the Synod had mandated be produced. 

3. The Commission will do its work. The results are not yet known.

4. No one knows how long the moratorium against admitting new WR clergy will last. This places all the potential applicants, as well as the "Beacon" ordinands, in a most difficult position. They need every ounce of love, fellowship, and moral support we can muster during their difficult time of waiting. May the Most Holy Mother of God herself attend to their distress and sorrow, none of which was caused by them.

5. The former Yahoo discussion group for Western Rite clergy has been disbanded and all past posts have been deleted. A new discussion group for WR clergy has been opened, and I am happy to say that after a few short months of banishment from the old group, I can again yahoogroup with my fellow ROCOR clergy, who like me are blessed to the Western Rite. The Beacon ordinands are all invited to the new group. The tone on the new group is respectful, which is a joy to see.

6. A new discussion group has been established for the wives of WR ROCOR clergy. We wish them well and we can benefit from their input and their invaluable service to Christ's Holy Church. You can't have a good priest (or deacon!) without a good matushka. Our matushki are the invisible strength, yea, the secret weapon, of our Church.

7. The 2013 Western Rite Conference has been canceled. A member of the Commission informed me that he was unaware whether there is interest among the WR clergy to meet with one another or celebrate alongside one another, this year.  [Ed. - Since this post July 23, there has occurred a discussion amongst our WR clergy regarding an informal meeting this year. Check back on Oremus blog for an impending post regarding this matter.

8. So far, only one clergyman is known to have left the Russian Church following the Synod decisions, and that is Archimandrite Michael (Kinsfather) of San Antonio, Texas. All others in the Western Rite continue to serve in the Western Rite.

This blog certainly has had an increase in readership from down about 50 to 70 readers per day up to 350 to 600 readers per day. July 20, for example, it had 468 views. All are welcome to make comments, but be aware that anonymous commenting is not permitted. 

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