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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning, Evening Prayers Text Completed

Work on the Morning and Evening Prayers document has been completed. The document gives domestic daily prayers in Latin and English, from sources approved in Sept. 2008 in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia for Orthodox Christians of the Western Rite. It has been made available for free download on the internet:

Drawn from source manuscripts of British Isles origin, the prayers show a mixture that was achieved historically when the Celtic traditions in the Isles met with the Roman traditions brought in by the great missionary saint, Augustine of Canterbury.

In Anglo-Saxon England, it was very common in books of domestic (extra-liturgical) prayers to show Celtic prayers and Roman or Gregorian prayers, side-by-side. The spirit of the prayers was felt, it would seem, to be one, and so both traditions were easily and naturally drawn upon for the private devotions of the Anglo-Saxon Christians in the centuries before the Norman invasion. These devotions and prayers were maintained, preserved, and used in daily life long after the Norman invasion as well.

The morning and evening prayers are drawn from three important sources: the Book of Cerne, the Ancren Riwle or Hermitess' Rule, and the printed Sarum Primer. They appeared in an initial edition in "Orthodox Prayers of Old England" (Third Edition 1999), which remains in stock but will one day be replaced by a fourth edition to be produced under the authority of the Russian Church Abroad. Perhaps the fourth edition can be published by Jordanville, or by the St. Nicholas Monastery in Ft. Myers, Florida.


Subdeacon David Gould said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful Orthodox Western prayers. I am especially pleased to see them in Latin also.

Xristoforos McAvoy said...

Congratulations on one of your first bi-lingual latin/english short liturgical papers. As I have stated previously, because some of these prayers are are unfamiliar to modern westerners, it might be wise to produce a bibliography for where the books came from, any specific publishing information, etc. Though you stated this on your listing, it would be ideal to also have them typed onto the .pdf file itself.

I hope this is not an overly academic perspective, but that for me is of benefit.

Thank you for your work.
I too am hard at work with this type of material every other day. I typeset Inventor Rutuli in both latin and english the other day, to a different "rhyming" translation and more widespread less awkward variation of the melody you used. I may release a .pdf of my prelinary work that I've done this summer to you. It's far more work than I had thought, but its a good start, I have at least 200 pages completed.

Anonymous said...

These prayers are wonderful. Do you know where I could obtain Western pre-Communion prayers, preferably in Latin-English?