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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parable of the Western Rites

Some have expressed either dismay, or dissatisfaction, or disapproval, regarding the fact that so many different forms of Western rite are currently permitted by the RWRV. Therefore I have thought to set down the following parable for prayerful consideration.


Once upon a time, there was a lady, and she was rich. She fed many poor, each day, from the abundance of her luxuriant fields. One day it came to the lady's attention, that some Oriental folk lived beyond the bridge, just past the hill. How they hungered for rice! But no rice grew in her fields. And the lady said to herself, "I know what I will do! I will plant rice in my fields, and the Oriental folk shall be as well-nourished as all the other folk whom I feed, each day, from my plantings." And having gone to buy seedlings, she found basmati, white, and brown. Long-grain and short-grain did she find. And as she hesitated, there approached an Oriental fellow, crying, "Basmati! Only basmati!" The lady nodded, and besought the seller of seeds for basmati. But in that very instant another fellow arrived, and he cried, "Brown! Only brown!" Soon came another,
"Long-grain only!" And others came, and cried aloud in like manner. Then the lady said (for she was a rich woman), "My dears, I will buy of each kind of seedling, and will plant. Yours it shall be to cultivate and to reap, and to seed again. The years of many harvests shall reveal, in the sight of all the town, which rice is most beloved by you and best feeds you. Only keep a constant peace amongst you." But no sooner had she said it, than the first fellow gnashed his teeth and cried out, saying, "I said basmati only, and what is this!" But she answered and said to him, "Dear sir, grow your basmati, and the Lord of the fields send good rain." Thus, therefore, after a moon of years, it happened that the rice fields were flourishing, and their cultivators were well-sated, and there was abundance and contentment. And the kind of rice which sprouted in all the fields, and refreshed all its growers, in those days, was..."

(to be continued)

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Fr. Aidan said...

I received a comment for this post, which was anonymous. It was a nice comment, but anonymous posts are not allowed on Oremus. So if that person will please leave another comment with his or her name, I will be happy to approve the original comment. Thanks for understanding.