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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Speed Bumps

At times, we encounter "speed bumps" on the roadway of life.

My move to our new church property just outside Austin has been one of those.

Without any internet, it becomes a bit more challenging to respond to emails, blog comments, or Facebook invites.

Living out of boxes (awaiting a final word on which building I will reside in) prevents one having access to such things as bills, records, one's baptismal certificates, silverware, books, etc.

All will be well. But I ask patience from the readers of this blog. May God be with you all.

Fr. Hieromonk Aidan (Keller)
Oremus blog - Roman Rite in the Orthodox Church


Michael said...


With prayers,

Handyman said...

Hello Everyone
I am new to the Blog.

While I knew Father Aidan had lost his parish community, I did not know he was living out of a suitcase!

Father, I hope you are doing OK and when you get back in thw swing of things, you will keep this blog going! I think it is great!

I also miss the St. Hilarion Calendar nd hope when you get settled, that St. Cassian's Press will produce a 2011 Edition. i refer to the older edition 92004) on a daily basis.

Anyone with information on the current state pf Father Aidan, may send me an e-mail.

Fr. Aidan said...

Hello, Handyman (what is your Christian name?).

I've never lost a parish community, so I am unsure what that means. It is true that in 2004I resigned from serving in a Milan Synod parish which, in 2007, closed its doors. But the Russian Orthodox parish in Austin where I've served since 2008, is growing and doing well.

Nor am I living out of a suitcase; I am living in the nice rectory building on our newly-purchased church property. Now unpacking all the Press stocks and printing equipment and research materials, so that I can be truly efficient--that is yet to be accomplished.

Thanks for your kind words, and I'm glad I could relieve some of your concerns which weren't founded. Please keep me in your prayers.