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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sarum Calendar: Oct. 17/30, St. Audrey

Today on the Sarum calendar is the feast of the elevation and translation of the relics of our holy mother Etheldreda (Audrey), royal abbess of Ely in England. Below is an image of the reliquary at St. Etheldreda church, near London, in which rests the incorrupt hand of the holy virgin and abbess.

It is recorded that at the elevation of her precious relics, a miraculous heavenly fragrance emanated from them. The body of the Saint appeared whole and untouched. In fact, she appeared to be merely asleep, though her body had lain in the soil for many years. The incision in her neck, made by a physician just before her death, had entirely healed up; the same physician was in attendance and confirmed the miracle. Strong and bright are her prayers unto God for Orthodox monastics and all the faithful.

Holy Mother Etheldreda, pray to God for us!
Sancta Mater Etheldreda, ora pro nobis Deum!


Elizabeth said...

Father, bless !
Is the reliquary you refer to kept in St Ethedreda's Church in Ely Place, London ?

St Ethedreda, pray for us all indeed !

Fr. Aidan said...

The Lord bless.

Yes, the reliquary shown appears to be kept in her church in Ely Place.